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The harsh reality over skin care products

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If it’s advertised commercially and worldwide on TV/Magazines/Newspapers etc., most likely it is mass produced and full of harmful chemicals so as to meet the high demands. Fast=cheap. I’m not just talking food, as that is obvious, but basically anything and everything we put and expose our skin to as that is often overlooked.


Not a lot of people are aware that cosmetics, body sprays, lotions, creams, deodorants, anti-aging products, hair care products, lip balms, bug repellant sprays, suncreens and damn near anything you put ON your skin can be huge contributors to illness. Your skin is the biggest organ and helps in the detoxification process, so when you go to shower off all the dirt and chemicals you get being exposed outside, why then cover yourself right back with it? And even worse, why leave your makeup on when you go to sleep? Something I NEVER EVER do and highly warn of.

Skin Care Products

Those harmful chemicals are on your skin, your largest organ, seeping into your blood stream. Small amounts of toxic chemicals can slowly add up causing slow but progressive and systemic chaos in and outside the body. A consistent use of harsh chemicals in the form of skin care products can affect your body’s natural detoxification process causing organs like the liver, kidneys, thyroid, adrenals and intestines to work harder, causing them to be less efficient. When the body is not working at its most optimal peak, it starts building up toxic waste, unable to keep up with its natural detoxification regimen, weakening your immune system and leaving you vulnerable to getting sick, having adverse allergic reactions like breakouts, acne, and eczema. More chronic effects include hormonal imbalances that can lead to overproduction of estrogen leading to cancer, altered sleep patterns, and sluggishness. These chemicals can cause estrogen like receptors in the body- estrogen mimicking effects causing your risk for reproductive cancer to go higher, especially if you’re an overweight female. Excess body fat + harmful chemicals = the chemical cocktail of cancer. Our skin is a large, porous but sensitive organ, and overtime, all the products you place on it will eventually seep in and cause systemic damage.

Typical Skin Care Product Ingredients

Everything about these products are harsh- especially the added fragrances and colors that can cause immediate external health issues like itching, redness, and a burning sensation. For years now I stopped using those popular skin care products from Bath and Body Works and other skin care products laden with harsh chemicals when I started feeling the itching and burning sensation and knew my body did not like it. I listened! Will you?

AVOID– parabens, BHT, dyes (especially p-Phenylenediamine found in hair dyes), sulfates/sodium lauryl sulfates (makes products lather), fragrances, artificial colors (FD&C red, yellow, etc), coal tar, triclosan (mostly found in anti-bacterial products), mineral oil, Acrylates, Titanium Dioxide (found mainly in mineral powders/foundations and sunscreens), petroleum, DHA or dihydroxyacetone (found in spray tanning products), oxybenzone or retinyl palmitate (also found in sunscreens) are just some.

What can you do?                                                                      

Switch to organic raw shea butter, vitamin E or coconut oil to moisturize your face, body and hair. Add some essential natural oils like lavender oil for added fragrance. Use organic Neem oil as a facial wash.

Use diluted tea tree oil or a drop of pure oregano oil on your breakouts to aid in the healing process and prevent scarring.

Wash your face with raw honey or apple cider vinegar as this cleans up bacteria and leaves your skin feeling clean and soft. Avoid scrubs and alcohol based toners as these can dry out and irritate your sensitive skin.

Use diluted organic castile soap or acid cider vinegar to wash your face, hair, body and even your clothes and in your home.

Include fresh highly pigmented fruits and vegetables into your diet can actually cause your skin to naturally glow and even have slight tint due to the high pigmentation they contain. Tomatoes, melons, berries, even green leafy vegetables contain compounds called carotenoids that have been shown to exhibit not only anti-oxidant properties but healthier skin.

A ripe avocado, one organic egg and olive oil combined make a great deep conditioner.

Using makeup derived from plants with no harmful dyes.

Companies like 100% pure, Butterbean Organics, Pacifica.

Check out the Environmental Working Group’s website => to see how your cosmetics rate.

Remember, the FDA does not regulate cosmetics. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review online database ( are responsible. Look up the ingredients and see the research and the reviews yourself. Make your own informed decision as it is your life and your choices.

Many of us in this country of the U.S.A have become so used to having everything already prepared for us that we have become unwilling to do more for ourselves. While this definitely helps us on a daily living, we must be cautious, conscious, and be choosier of the things that are actually harming us more than helping us. Go in peace and calmness when it comes to your health and remember what you put on your body and in your body, is life or slow death.


Registered dietitian-nutritionist, certified fitness trainer, researcher, natural born leader and energetically passionate motivator. Emphasizing a natural, 'whole-istic' approach to health as this is the key to a balance of the body, mind and soul.

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