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Fluoride AKA Sodium Fluoride, a neurotoxin?

In light of the “news” that we officially know Fluoride is harmful toxin because research is telling us (rolling my eyes with sarcasm), now what? Our government knows fluoride is a harmful toxin, and over the years we have been exposed to it, small bits at a time, but enough that we can become severely ill. The funny thing is that we aren’t even being given true fluoride but rather a synthetic called sodium fluoride, which is actually imported from China (photo on bottom from @uglybynature) and not what is naturally found in nature AKA calcium fluoride and where some countries have natural fluoridation due to the fluoride- rich rocks. Why? Well of course, you know why…

From reading other posts and doing my own research, it seems this type of fluoridation started back in the 1930’s by aluminum companies.  According to one article, “Wisconsin dentists apparently knew well of the Aluminum Company of America´s (ALCOA) interest in selling sodium fluoride, as a letter from dentist John G. Frisch to ALCOA reveals (9): “It is our understanding that the Aluminum Company of America is one of the largest producers of sodium fluoride.” ALCOA sodium fluoride is particularly suitable for the fluoridation of water supplies. … If your community is fluoridating its water supply -or is considering doing so- let us show you how ALCOA sodium fluoride can do the job for you

ALCOA knew very well that sodium fluoride was a toxic waste byproduct of aluminum manufacturing and to dispose of this toxic waste product, would mean dumping tons and tons into the rivers and landfills, which they already did but could not keep up with in doing so anymore. Therefore, they found alternative means of recycling it- in our water system. All they needed was the research to prove we needed it for our bones and teeth.

Years later in the 1950’s a scientist from the NIH proposed this: “As additional data are obtained, particularly with reference to dental caries effects, conclusions may be warranted regarding the possibility of substituting sodium fluosilicate for sodium fluoride as a water fluoridizing agent.

With the demand of fluoride growing, the supply was short lived thus needing to switch from sodium fluoride to sodium fluosilicate (a byproduct of the phosphate industry). This was done by the Dental Director of the Wisconsin State Board of Health, at a meeting 1951. He suggested to no longer refer to it as sodium fluoride for water fluoridation because people knew it as rat poison and an insecticide.

Fast forward to present time, as the demand became even more to handle, US gov’t agencies, resorted to importing their fluoridating chemicals like most things these days, from China. Tests done by Natural News, of the sodium fluoride obtained from six of the Chinese manufacturers used in the U.S, showed high levels of aluminum (with excessive amounts seen in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients), arsenic, lead and other toxic compounds.

Just some info on the history of just one of the many things happening all around us.  But don’t take my word for it. Find out yourself.

There are filters than can help clean out the fluoride from your water supply like the Berkey as conventional filters like Brita, do not. 

One could argue that most of us who were, and still are, exposed to fluoride from our water supply, are okay and aren’t suffering from any symptoms, which is probably true. The idea however, is understanding what is going on around us and why we are not told about it. Allowing us, the public, to know what is happening as a human being, living on this Earth and being able to make our own decisions to stay as healthy as we can. But is not informing us because, what we don’t know won’t hurt us? Just look at how many people are getting sicker and sicker from things we sometimes cannot even figure out why. Perhaps the two are in fact related and then some?

All I know is, I am grateful to have access to relatively clean water in my home as compared to many other countries, and neighborhoods, right next door to where we live, who do not. However, know this: we are walking this Earth unknowingly aware of people in power and the decisions they make for us without even making the public aware. Nothing has changed. But educating yourself, reading, asking questions and finding your truth, is power all in itself.






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