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Super excited to finally have bought a juicer🙌💦🌱🍎🍐🍏🍒🍓🍅🍌🍋. After so much research and inquiries on the right one for me, I found this Breville juicer, which rated very high and was a 1/3 of the price of the juicer I originally wanted but wasn’t feasible at this time. I already used it this morning and it works so well. It didn’t heat up and works fast but not too fast so it doesn’t completely destroy all live enzymes. The pulp is very dry telling me it took as much juice as it could and that’s what I was looking for. I had straight juice! It’s also super easy to assemble, take apart and clean, also another important factor I was looking for. I’m not trying to spend forever juicing and cleaning. For now it will do the job. 

Today is one day pretty much down of straight juicing. I did have a small portion of food because I also wanted to get a workout in. But for the most part I am aiming to juice straight as many days as I can. It’s spring time and so it’s time for some spring- body, mind and soul cleansing.

Juicing is a great way to help the body detoxify and heal itself. Your body is already set up to detoxify daily using vital organs like the liver, kidneys, spleen, etc. The food we eat, changes in stress levels and fluctuating sleep patterns all affect our body’s natural detoxifying process. The more processed, refined, and chemical laden your food and body care products are, the more stress you feel and the less sleep you get, the slower your natural detoxification process is going to be, which can causes sluggishness, constipation, headaches, all types of feelings that you normally don’t want to feel. This is why is it super important to watch both quality and quantity of what you are putting in your body as well as on your body.

Managing stress as well as getting enough sleep are also vital in allowing your body to naturally detox because stress goes from being a feeling, something abstract, to manifesting into a physical being, negatively impacting your health. Coupled with lack of rest, you have just created the perfect cocktail for sickness. By juicing, you allow the body to focus on breaking down food and toxins in your body that have not been broken down but have been stored and waiting to be processed as juices are readily absorbed into the blood stream, requiring none to little processing. This way, your body gets to focus on naturally cleansing your system of compounds it does not need, which improves your digestion, give you more energy, clearer skin, and can even make you lose some weight. You want to aim for at least three days of straight juicing and depending on your goal, can create your own juices based on your goals. Breville Juicer

There are many juicers on the market and most use high speed motors to rip apart the whole fruit and separate out the juice. This can negatively impact the quality of your juice as these fast motors can oxidize and denature vital proteins and enzymes that you want to retain as much as possible, as they have powerful healing benefits for our blood and gut health. This is why it’s preferable to find a juicer that’s slow masticating to retain as much nutrients as possible. The Omega Juicers are rated high as top slow masticating juicers but are pricey and don’t juice soft fruits as well. Even more superior, would be a cold press like larger businesses use, but if you’re looking for cost efficiency, the previous recommendations are sufficient. 

When juicing you want to consume the freshly made juice as soon as possible because the vital nutrients, once exposed to air, start to breakdown. Typically, cold pressed juices can last for 3 days top, refrigerated so most homemade juices would be better off consumed within 3 days as well knowing the sooner the better! 

Right now, I’m prepping for tomorrow’s juices. I’m letting the produce soak in apple cider vinegar and water. I’ve got bitter melon🍆 (let’s see how that works out 😂), which is a super great bitter that battles sugar and parasites, lemon🍋, apple🍎, celery🌿, tri-colored carrots🌾, beets🏵, ginger🍃. Organic always! I always soak my produce, whether organic or not, because you still have to consider handling of your produce from employees to customers and any residual air-borne pathogens that be floating by. Take your produce as is, and soak them in enough water to submerge them then add in 1 tablespoon of water and let soak for about ten minutes. You can also do a quick scrub then rinse well and use!



Registered dietitian-nutritionist, certified fitness trainer, researcher, natural born leader and energetically passionate motivator. Emphasizing a natural, 'whole-istic' approach to health as this is the key to a balance of the body, mind and soul.