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Vegan Protein Bars

Super stoked that I won the Raw Rev (AKA Raw Revolution) giveaway to try their Raw Rev Glo vegan protein bars for free. I received their products in exchange for my most absolute, honest opinion, naturally! I’ve actually been following them on social media for a while, patiently waiting to get my hands on them, but never actually having the chance. This is why I jumped at the opportunity to try them! The bars not only looked appealing but their nutritional content intrigued me even more! Full of plant based protein, healthy fats, fiber and prebiotics, minimally processed and low in sugar! All qualities I look for when deciding to incorporate products into my lifestyle as anyone who knows me, knows how important nutritional quality and supporting home based businesses is to me.


As a mostly plant based female who also strength trains, it’s rather challenging to find quality protein products to supplement that are actually healthy, organic, non-gmo, low sugar, minimally processed but have a decent amount of protein and even more importantly, are vegan, wheat free and tastes good. I no longer use whey or any dairy based protein source as well as limit my wheat intake, due to intolerances and have been on the lookout for wheat free AND vegan friendly20160619_173857 alternatives; super difficult to find mind you. I’ve tried quite a few plant based, vegan and/or wheat free products in my day that left me with a gritty, unappealing aftertaste to the point I have been hesitant to try any again! I’ve even created my own, but sometimes I would like to have something already made and on the go that’s actually health and tasty, well because, you know, life. But fortunately, RawRev’s superfood protein bars have done all of that for me!

I received 3 flavors: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Crunchy Peanut Butter & Sea Salt, and Dark Chocolate Expresso Crunch. Analyzing their ingredient list, I found their super-food blend consists of nuts, seeds and grains from20160622_070651_001 cashews, peas, brown rice, hemp, chia and sprouted flax seeds – definitely super healthy sources of the good fats you want in your diet (10 grams total fat). They are very low in sugar (<5 grams cane sugar), which is even better as too much sugar can be unfavorable to one’s health, which if I had to critique, would have preferred Stevia or another natural alternative to sugar. They are super high in fiber (13 grams!) and loaded with prebiotics to feed our good bacteria and keep our digestive tracts moving. Moderately high in protein (>10 grams) to keep muscles strong and in carbohydrates (21 g) to fuel you for a workout. These RawRev’s protein bars would actually be an ideal pre-workout snack.

I tried all three flavors and I can’t decide which I like the best as they all taste great and have an appealing texture with no grittiness or aftertaste, hooray! I probably would have to say the crunchy peanut butter because, well peanut butter and crunch! All bars are soft, almost a fudge like consistency but they keep their form and can be refrigerated if it gets too soft. They taste just like the name describes without overpowering your taste buds; not too sweet or too bland. I especially like the dark chocolate espresso (which also contain whole pieces of coffee beans for an added crunch) as a pre-workout snack as it gives me a boost of energy. All in all, these protein bars are NaturallyNadia approved!

Definitely give them a try and check ‘em out for yourself and use CouponCode “Dorathea” at for 20% off your entire purchase of bars and ingredients!





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