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Buyer Beware: Looks and words can be deceiving

Now before everyone goes crazy and starts feeling any type of way , please understand I am merely trying to bring awareness to those who may or may not truly understand the words and approaches many companies use to basically lure you in, so as to get to you to buy their product. I sometimes have also fallen for these words thinking, oh wow! It’s “all natural,” “clean” so it must be healthy! But buyer beware⚠! This is not always the case.
Companies use what are called, buzz words that basically attract your attention. They can be based off popular trends just like the word being depicted above, “clean,” which really caught my attention here & is my focus at the moment. So…do you get what “clean” means? .
In the so called “health” world, “clean” can actually mean anything depending on your approach. If you eat mostly fresh foods, that can be considered clean eating. Just like if you are cutting out sugar, meat, artificial sugars, preservatives or anything else. In terms of food itself, it can also mean the product being advertised hasn’t been altered or isn’t processed, which is fine (although very hard since everything is basically processed to some extent) however, it can also be misleading, just like with this image. Here it says “clean whey” but when you flip it over, it says 1) the main type of whey is an isolate form, which is pretty processed and 2) is “partially produced with genetic engineering,” so what exactly does “clean” therefore mean? . I find this misleading. This is why I tell everyone, if you’re going to supplement, read, read & read! Read your labels, read the ingredients, read the research. Then make your choice! Hopefully, it’s a choice that encourages more plants and avoids genetically modified anything, but at the end of the day, you must educate yourself and make the choices that fit you.


Registered dietitian-nutritionist, certified fitness trainer, researcher, natural born leader and energetically passionate motivator. Emphasizing a natural, 'whole-istic' approach to health as this is the key to a balance of the body, mind and soul.