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When your dream comes true

On my most recent trip to the Grand Cayman Islands, a place I’ve never been to nor would have probably gone to unless my friend suggested it, is where I had 2 of the craziest experiences ever. The first experience is what I will share first. It happened on the first day we arrived at the hotel. We check-in then head upstairs to our rooms to freshen up. Afterwards, we head out to explore the hotel and head towards the back to see the beach. We find this great spot in the middle of the beach overlooking deep water and proceed to sit and relax with the deep ocean in front of us, warm breezes flowing, blue, pink and orange skies as the sun is slowly setting, and views of coconuts and palm trees. We are feeling so happy, calm, relaxed and free. I start playing music and dance like no one is watching us. I am feeling my most relaxed and happy just being with my daughter, my friend, at the happiest place I love the most: the beach. After a short while, we then decided to start walking around to explore the area as it was so big and beautiful and because we notice the sun starting to set. We walk around the beach front and come across this spot where there are a bunch of grassy green hills, breezy, warm winds, blue skies with more orange streaks as the sun continues to set and palm trees overlooking the same deep ocean and grassy hill tops and I stop, as the kids are rolling down the hills enjoying blissful life, and I look around and felt this huge surge of dejavu engulf me, a feeling that also confused me as I think to myself, “I’ve been here,” even though this is my first time here. I kept looking around, confused, questioning “where and how do I know this place??” I keep looking around, seeing the deep ocean water, grassy hills, palm trees and darker blue skies, just standing there, in awe because I am truly confused even though deep down, I know for sure I have been here before, this exact same spot, these exact same views when all of a sudden, the answer hit me like a ton of bricks and I fall to my knees, body covered in goosebumps and I start crying because I knew the answer. I have been here before, in my dreams. I’ve dreamt of this place, this exact place as I see it, in my dreams, my whole life. Mind absolutely blown! 

I had dreams, reoccurring from my childhood, going back to my pre-teens to present day, of this exact place. I couldn’t believe it. But I also didn’t question it because I waited my whole life, this moment to finally understand what everything meant. This is where I was from. This who I was and who I am. Past and present life. It felt so incredibly good and powerful. I wasn’t scared. I wasn’t freaked out. It felt good, like I was home. And it just made complete sense as this was always my happy place, my fortress of solitude for as as long as I can remember. 

I’ve always had dreams of water, beaches and oceans for as long as I can remember. I’ve dreamt of this exact place and even other places that included living on the ocean, traveling by boat, bridges or by swimming. When I was merely a child in elementary school, I even convinced my friends that there was this beautiful beach right outside the cafeteria’s back exit because I saw it! I even wrote a story about and even drew a picture where to this day, I still see the image that I saw so vividly in my mind, even though no, there was no beach, but on another dimension, there was. It’s not surprising that just earlier this year I did a tarot card reading with this random woman from a few states away and within 30 minutes told me that I was a healer in my past life living in Atlantis! That I do have a connection with water hence all these dreams and experiences. I cannot put that feeling into any more words than this. It is something you will just have to experience yourself. And I am firm believer that we can all experience it as long as we let go of all forms of pollution, or at least clear our minds and limit the use of technology, social media, polluted air, processed food, and all the things that block us from having this information and experience pour into our bodies and our minds. All the things that lower our spiritual, vibrational energy and keep us sick, isolated to receiving this vital information. Here, at this very moment, I had let go of fear, anger, sadness and all of that which did not serve me. I immersed myself in nature, grounding myself to its natural energy that matches ours so I may hear, I may receive the information I needed to confirm everything I already knew but had questioned. I just let go. 

Now the hard part comes as I am back to real life. So, what happens now? I guess, continue to hold onto that vibration. Continue to ask questions, meditate, cry, letting go, releasing, bathing in salt, writing, revealing and healing past wounds, coming up with solutions to problems, and just working towards progress. And who knows what else will come up? But I am sure excited to find out. 


Registered dietitian-nutritionist, certified fitness trainer, researcher, natural born leader and energetically passionate motivator. Emphasizing a natural, 'whole-istic' approach to health as this is the key to a balance of the body, mind and soul.