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Intestinal Imbalance

Did you know the most important part of immune system is in your gut? That’s right! The majority of the U.S population has an imbalance in their gut flora AKA colon bacteria, where our immunity resides. Once imbalanced, we become susceptible to maleficent bacteria, parasites, sickness, even cancer, that all have the potential to control […]

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Chocolate Protein Candy

As an avid chocoholic, noticing how many artificial and harmful ingredients are in conventional chocolate bars, I am forever on the quest to find the best tasting and the best quality chocolate bars. On this mission, I find that either I may not be completely thrilled with the variety of these chocolates or not completely […]

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Vegan Thai Coconut Curry

What’s for dinner you say?? Why it’s a delicious bowl of vegetarian and vegan friendly yellow Thai curry! Now before you get all confused, let me first clear the difference between a vegetarian and vegan. Now a vegetarian eats no meat but does include products derived from an animal like butter, milk and even animal […]

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Hello world!

Hello World! Welcome to Naturally Nadia! I am Nadia, naturally of course and I invite you to my world. I am a registered dietitian-nutritionist, certified personal trainer, researcher, natural born leader and motivator emphasizing a naturally balanced ‘whole-isitic’ approach to health focused on a balance of the body, mind, and soul. Whew! That was a […]

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