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Growing up I was caught between two worlds: a healthy clean-eating mother whose lifestyle was that of what we now call nadz scorpion pose (1)the Mediterranean Diet and a father whose lifestyle was the complete opposite and consisted of oily and sugary foods. I always felt I was being pulled to either side, unable to find my own balance.

Fast forward to my late teenage years, I eventually got swayed more to my father’s side adapting more of his unhealthy eating habits. When I started to get teased at school for my weight gain, I felt the peer pressure and ended up trying over-the-counter diet pills, binge dieting and even starvation to lose the weight. When that didn’t work (which only caused me to have more health problems and more stress), I knew I had to find my internal balance. This didn’t only mean weight loss. It also meant nurturing my mind and cleansing my soul.

I started to educate myself on finding ways to become healthier. I listened to my Mother and studied her eating and lifestyle habits. I also became more physically active and enrolled in activities such as, tennis, running and martial arts just as my mother practiced. I started to cook with my mother and she showed me how food cannot only be nutritious but naturally healing to all aspects of life: from how we live, how we look and how we feel. It’s an ongoing process with ups and downs and since then I have continued my path for a nutritional balance of the body, mind and soul.

By providing you with a quick glimpse into my younger years, I wanted to show that I, too, had to battle my own issues of being in shape, eating healthier and learning to love self. I know how it feels; the mental and physical toll it has on the body, mind and soul and the lack of knowledge in knowing what to do about it. I also know I am not the only one, which makes me want to share my experiences and show others they are not alone and can always achieve a naturally healthy and balanced lifestyle.